My Vintage Obsession: 40’s Vargas Girls

One of my favorite vintage acquisitions are my 1940’s calendar prints by Alberto Vargas. Vargas Illustrated pin-up girls for Esquire magazine in the early and mid 40’s, and then later for Playboy magazine in the 60’s & 70’s. Although all of his illustrations are beautiful, the earlier prints are my favorite, especially the WWII era girls. I’d probably buy them all if I had room for them! Right now two of my four girls are hanging over my vanity. The definitely inspire me to glam up when I’m doing my hair and makeup.
*A note: The calendar prints are a strange size (8.5×12) and aren’t quite framed perfectly by an 8×10 matting. Sometimes hair or toes have to be cropped out. They also have holes in them from being in calendars. The holes aren’t visible if you frame them strategically though. Regardless I still love them. They are so classically beautiful.