So, I’ve had this site for a year now and have been absolutely slacking with it. My original idea was to just blog about my travels. Since my work situation really limits my adventures as of late. I’ve made the decision to not only talk about my wondrous adventures, but to also share some of my other hobbies and interests. So here’s hoping to add a few categories which will include:

– Retro Rediscovered – Awesome retro and vintage clothing, decor, and party ideas.

– Dishes Recreated – One of my favorite things to do, is try to recreate dishes from restaurants that really move me.

– Craft Time- Just crafts that I do in my spare time, lots of glitter usually involved ha ha.

– Cocktail Hour – I will choose a cocktail and not just post a recipe but also try to give a taste review. I know one of my biggest peeves when looking for drink recipes, is that I never really know if it’s going to be pallet pleasing.

I’m sure I’ll think of other things as I go on. But this is a start 🙂



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