So I’m ecstatic to announce that this November I’ll be traveling to KENYA!! I’m so excited about this trip; it’s like the culmination of my 10 year old self’s dreams. I seriously had a hefty obsession with the Lion King and I was definitely raised on the Discovery Channel.


This all came about very impulsively, imagine that from me! Two of my new travel friends, whom I met on my Antarctic cruise, found a super deal on a Safari and invited me along. After some “what ifs” and nobody reining in my travel problem, I convinced my boyfriend and two of my good friends to come along. Unfortunately by the time we decided, the “super travel deal” was no longer available. So I started looking online for better prices and options. I somehow ended up booking a longer safari, with more stops, and our own private van, for just about the same price as the packaged deal my friends bought. I know it’s not the luxury option, but we can’t all stay in Kenya like Teddy Roosevelt in the early 1900’s. There has however been talk about matching pith hats, and one of my friends growing out a jumanji-esque mustache. We are all also bringing a hefty dose of Khaki colored clothing. So maybe we can at least look the part.


So sadly we won’t be on safari with my Antarctica buddies, but we are however on the exact same flight as them from Amsterdam to Nairobi. Therefore we will all be meeting for drinks at the airport before our flight. It’s an interesting thought that these guys will have been to four continents with me… Five if we ever meet up in North America. There have also already been talks of Asia next year, so make it 6. I’m sure I can probably convince them of my someday epic plan to road trip the West Coast of Australia as well… This is why travel friends are the best!


So quickly a list of the places we will be visiting on our trip: Nairobi, Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru, Lake Elementia, and Masai-Mara National Reserve. If I can convince our guide of it, we may try to visit the Equator!


The Crew:


Ryan: Traveled to Las Vegas, Ontario, CA, and a couple short road trips in 2012. Much more to come 🙂


Ryan and I in Las Vegas 2012


Garrett: Traveled to France & Italy in 2008, Road tripped from San Francisco to NY in 2005, NY to FL in 2005, and NY to Maine in 2005, NY to OH in 2005.


Garrett and I in Rome in 2008


Rob: Road tripped: NY to Maine in 2005, NY to FL in 2005, NY to NH in 2005, NY to OH in 2005, cross country from NY to CO to California to NY in 2006, NY to PA in 2006, CT to VT in 2007, NY to SC in 2007.


Rob and I in PA in 2006

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